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Wild Rabbits

by Carol Prior
Inspired, apparently, by a visit to Peter Spencer's garden!

They’re here again today, the bunnies in the grass,
They’re wearing camouflage fatigues and jeering as they pass.
They’re armed with bows and arrows, axes, spears and guns
And there’s thousands of them out there, sons of sons of sons!
I’ve heard they’re working on the bomb in their arsenal beneath
Though they’re planning an insurgence what I fear most is their teeth!
They’ve eaten our potatoes and rushes from the rill,
They’ve even had the rhubarb leaves and they didn’t make them ill!
Geraniums, and onions, but what really makes them drool
Is excavating burrows beneath my swimming pool!
They’re weakening my resistance with their underground attack.
They plan to come up through the floor and grab me in a sack,
Then they’ll carry me to Fairlight cliffs and drop me in the sea
And their job will be completed, so I’m sending out a plea.
I need a rabbit killer, someone brave upon a horse,
Well seven would be better, magnificent of course!
Riding cross the Sussex range with foxes in a pack
They’ll win ‘the Battle of the Rabbits’ and I’ll get my garden back.

So if you’ve two cute bunnies, with floppy ears, beware
For the moral of this story is, it only takes a pair!

Carol 'Oz' Prior, 2013
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