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The Odds of April

by Norman Dengate
In case the title has you confused, just think William Shakespear, and the Ides of March ... and then skip a month.

Some years April will be a most odd month, but then some years it won’t
Some years it hosts the Eastertime, and other years it don’t

The weather too can be quite odd, the couplet says it’s Showery
Which, following the March winds make the month of May all Flowery

April’s Birthstone is the Diamond, all bright and crystal clear
To contrast this, April sees, the start of the Income Tax New Year

Aries for April is the Zodiac sign, but two signs work in chorus
As from the 21st , its sign would you believe, is Taurus

April too sees some famous births; we are really spoilt for choice
There is Buddha , Hitler, Menuhin, and the clever Henry Royce

On the 23rd of April St George got on his horse, the Dragon so to seek
And then they made him England’s Patron Saint, when they knew that he was Greek

The 1st.of April, the first odd date, when our tricks and japes we play,
And if anyone doubts these facts I’ve told, then you’re the April Fool today

Norman Dengate
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