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New Year's Eve, 2008

by Carol Prior
I believe this poem is based around an actual event that occurred in Sydney, Australia. I suspect that the lift mechanic was less than amused to be called out on New Year's Eve to rescue a bunch of "Whinging Poms".

It was New Year’s Eve in the Car Park
The air was thick as muck
When the lift going down to the basement
Developed a fault and stuck.

There were eight of us in that hell hole,
Two babes with strollers too
Cried Zara ‘the air will run out soon’
And ‘What if we need the loo?’

But the babies laughed and giggled
As Ma settled on the floor
And Grandad urged ‘Don’t panic!’
And we tried to prise the door

Matt, who was kind of technical,
Then begged us to refrain,
Saying ‘What’s the use of tinkering?
You’ll drive us all insane’!

So we pressed the emergency button,
Came a reassuring voice –
‘Our mechanic will get you out soon,
So relax! ‘(did we have a choice?!)

Well we waited around ‘til the liftie came.
Took more than half an hour
Sang ‘Paddy Whack, Waltzing Matilda
And dreamed of a cooling shower

But soon we heard the sound of tools
And a gap appeared in the door
Which widened by the minute
And we felt our spirits soar

Then we rushed off to the ‘park and ride’
For our trip to Taronga Zoo
And waited for the sky to light
Guzzling fizz as the twilight grew

And Sydney Bridge was all aflame
We toasted it with wine
And counted as the seconds went
Happy New Year 2009

Carol Prior, 31 December 2008
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