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Holidays - A History

by Carol Prior

It all began when Adam turned and said to Eve,
What with apples and serpents and strategic fig leaves,
I’ve had quite enough of the Garden of Eden,
So let’s have a break, do you fancy Sweden?

So what if this place is a gem of creation,
The world is our oyster, let’s take a vacation!

Atilla the Hun didn’t mean any harm,
Simply wanted a stag night away from the farm
With a few thousand mates, nothing too grand,
Just an 18 to 30s that got out of hand.

With their yurts tucked away in hessian sacks.
And plenty of booze and salted yaks

Cleo stifled a yawn as she painted an eye
And boarding her barque she exclaimed with a sigh,
Though pleasures are plentiful here at home
The place I desire to be is Rome

I know the Sphinx is rather fine
But Italian men are SO divine.

And Drake said to Raleigh we’ve nothing to lose,
Only our heads, so why not take a cruise?
I’ve been told that the new world is terribly hip,
It’s merely a couple of months in a ship,

The natives are friendly they tend to your needs
Selling first class tobacco for just a few beads!

But much further back in the grey mist of time
When Neanderthal man took a trip down the Rhine
Or camped in a cave on a foreign shore
He only wanted to the chance to explore

To discover the other side of the hill,
And escape the mundane, the run of the mill.

So if you’ve a desire to see places new,
For rest, relaxation, a beautiful view,
Or to widen horizons, glimpse over the brim,
Be assured that it’s nature not merely a whim

Carol Prior
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