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Hobby - I Wish!

by Keith Miller

Hobby – a favourite pastime
A spare time occupation
A thing one does to amuse oneself
A means of recreation

By some, seen as a waste of time
If time one has to waste
But oh, such bliss in wasting time
When once one gets the taste

Alas, my itinerary
Affords precious little space
With work, and calls, and deadlines
All jostling for their place

I guess I’m just a victim
Of a terrible disease
An inability to say “No”
A constant urge to please

I’m undergoing treatment
To correct the fault at source
I’m learning to say “Bugger off”
Instead of “Yes, of course.”

It will take time to change me
It’s not an instant cure
But in time I’ll get a hobby
Of that, you can be sure

But, for now, I’ll just keep going
‘Cause I can’t see things improving
I’ll retire if I live long enough
But my pension date keeps moving

I am told to stop complaining
And I suppose I really should
Maybe I’ll try multi-tasking
As a hobby, that sounds good!

Keith Miller  
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