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Global Warming

(The Weather Man's Lament)
by Carol Prior

It’s peeing down in Manchester, there’s a monsoon in Nepal.
The Tyne is overflowing and in China there’s a squall.

There are showers in Bulgaria and a tempest in Peru.
It’s bloody wet in Pakistan and drizzling in Crewe.

There’s ‘cats and dogs’ in Catford and flooding in Milan.
Umbrellas up in Cherbourg and stair rods in Japan.

But they’re blooming hot in Bloomsbury, sunbathing in Hyde Park
And splashing in the Serpentine, skinny dipping after dark.

When it’s steaming in the Mangroves it’s humid in Clovelly,
And sizzling in Antigua, while Delhi’s getting smelly.
Even Kurdish tribes in Tashkent think the weather in a pain.

And the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!

Carol Prior - February 2013
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