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The Tale of Eric Soddit Flame

by Aubrey Sinden
The challenge on this occasion was to write a poem which included ten words randomly suggested by members of the group. The ten words were as follows;
agree - beautiful - believe - expedition - forget - formualtion - grace - robust - sunshine - tripe

This is the tale of Eric Soddit Flame
Who had a really most unusual name
‘Twas given to him by the Reverend Pont
Who stubbed his toe on the base of the font.

Now Eric was a most BEAUTIFUL boy
Gave his Mum and Dad the utmost joy
Which was very strange, it seems to me,
And I’m confident you will all AGREE.

For his doting parents, twixt me and you,
Resembled baddies from Doctor Who.
His Mum, unfortunately misnamed as GRACE,
Could never be described as fair of face

Whilst poor old Dad whose name was Steve
Had features you just could not BELIEVE.
It’s, therefore, strange this gruesome pair
Produced such a handsome son and heir.

As their Eric grew he blossomed out
A ROBUST lad but not too stout
Never complained, only once did gripe,
When he was served a plate of TRIPE.

Some years later - on an EXPEDITION
He met Susanne who, on his admission,
Brought the SUNSHINE into his life.
He thought she’d be the perfect wife.

But what would she think of Mum and Dad?
The possibilities, indeed, looked bad.
A plan he contrived with FORMULATION
To be executed without hesitation.

D-day came, one he’ll never FORGET,
When he prayed there was still hope yet.
Thankfully, his Susanne did not weep
Just observed ‘Beauty's only skin deep!’

Aubrey Sinden
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