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Double Dutch? No, just English confusion

by Keith Jellicoe

You could say English is quite Double Dutch
in many ways its meaning is such................
But sorry no time now its just
too (spelt double o) much!
That's Not numeral 2 or t, w, o (spelling two) . All this makes one (thats an o and an n and an e.....but Phonetically I would have had to type letters o and h (pronounced aech, spelt letters a,e,c,h I understand) then an n, then an e, equalling the word one!....feel a bit dizzy! ...Difficult isn't it!).Then of course there's the word Won (spelt w,o,n!). For clarity I will repeat that:- No I won't this confusion makes me think that I should have only spoken about one & not two. So sorry (thats not s, e, w) I will hope that I can sort out by next time our double meaning same spelling words let alone double meaning words spelt differently & sometimes sounding differently too (thats not t,w,o!)! I know you think I should just forget it....So.... Who invented English? Should we keep in the EEC! Mai Oi! that is... All this for a stupid rhyme!...and it doesn't!

Keith Jellicoe, August 2017  
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