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by Mary Stewart

I just don’t do collecting, it’s really not my thing
I don’t like little knick-knacks or ornaments or bling.

My house is minimalistic, I don’t want lots of “stuff”
Some photos of the grandkids and some pictures are enough.

What I collect is memories, they’ve grown from year to year
They don’t need any dusting, they’re the things I hold most dear.

The chidren’s funny sayings, the holiday in Spain
The gardens up in Alnwick, and boating in the rain.

The Isle of Man at sunset, the Lake District in Spring
And coloured leaves in Autumn, a blackbird’s shining wing

The German Christmas markets and skating on the lake
The snow knee-deep in Austria, like frosting on a cake

The tramp along the Dorset coast, Pett Level in the sun
The summer days in Richmond Park and tennis matches won

So many recollections of people, places, dreams
Of hopes and aspirations and sometimes crazy schemes

So when I’ve got a moment I go down Memory Lane
I take out all my memories – then put them back again.

Mary Stewart
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