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Before the expedition leaves

by Keith Miller
The challenge on this occasion was to write a poem which included ten words randomly suggested by members of the group. The ten words were as follows;
agree - beautiful - believe - expedition - forget - formualtion - grace - robust - sunshine - tripe
The following poem doesn't make a lot of sense ... it isn't supposed to - but I was quite pleased that I not only met the challenge, but managed to do so in a way that uses one of the set words in each line. Well, I thought it was clever!

Before the expedition leaves I really had to say
How beautiful you look when faced the other way
We may not meet again, and if so, don’t forget
I don’t like tripe at all – I only ate it for a bet
From the formulation of this letter, you will plainly see
That love letters are not my forte – do you agree?
I love the graceful way you sneeze, and I think it’s funny
The way the sunshine sparkles when your nose is runny
You don’t believe I love you, but you really must
I would have written more except me Bi-ro bust.
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