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Seasons & Weather    

Autumn Jennifer Annetts
Blow Wind Blow Carol Prior
FebruaryDoris Fenner
Global Warming (The Weather Man's Lament) Carol Prior
No No No NovemberMary Stewart
NovemberNorman Dengate
Ode to a well loved welly Keith Miller
SeasonsNorman Dengate
September Morning Kathy McKay Sinclair
Spring Val Gibbs
Spring CleaningMargaret Hall
The Days Are Drawing In Felicity Bullock
The Odds of AprilNorman Dengate
The Weather Felicity Bullock
The Weather 2 Felicity Bullock
The Weather Norman Dengate
The Weather Val Gibbs
To Spring - or Not to Spring Aubrey Sinden
TsunamiMary Stewart
Whether, WeatherKeith Jellicoe
Winter Kathy McKay Sinclair
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