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The following list shows the huge variety of plays tackled by the Fairlight Players over the years. In fact (correct me if I am wrong) I make it no less than 139 different titles up to the Spring of 2012 with only three repeats (excluding Goodnight Mrs. Puffin which was taken to the De La Warr Pavilion in January 1976 following the "home run" two months earlier).  Please click on any title to see whatever archive material we have relating to that play.

April The Murder of Maria Marten or The Red Barn
2011 November Dead Ringer
OctoberTea with Sir Donald Sinden
JulyCaramba's Revenge
April Not Now Darling
2010 November Funny Money
April Out Of Order
2009 November And Then There Were None
April Habeas Corpus
2008 November Strike Up The Banns
April A Bedfull Of Foreigners
2007 November The Woman In White
April The Weekend
2006 November A Fly In The Ointment
April Tiptoe Through The Tombstones
2005 November Murder Weekend
April London Suite
2004 November Big Bad Mouse
April A Rise In The Market
2003 November Make Way For Lucia
April Farndale's "They Came From Mars"
2002 November Round And Round The Garden
April The Poltergeist
2001 November There Goes The Bride
April Love's A Luxury
2000 November The Murder Room
April Trivial Pursuits
1999 November Curtain Up On Murder
April Look Who's Talking
1998 November Blithe Spirit
April Farndale's "Murder Mystery"
1997 November Why Me?
April Fish Out Of Water
1996 November Farndale's "Christmas Carol"
April They Call It Murder
1995 November The Exorcism
April Farndale's "Macbeth"
1994 November The Heiress
April Living Together
1993 November No Time For Fig Leaves
July Mother Figure
Drinking Companion
Gosforth's Fete
April Night Must Fall
1992 November They Came To A City
July Shop For Charity
Master Dudley
Face The Music
April Off The Hook
1991 November Table Manners
April Death Walked In
1990 November Panic Stations
April Deadly Nightcap
1989 November Lloyd George Knew My Father
April Wedding Of The Year
1988 November The White Sheep Of The Family
April A Tomb With A View
1987 November Outside Edge
April Absent Friends
1986 November Pardon Me, Prime Minister
April Breath Of Spring
1985 November Murder Mistaken - Aborted
April The Full Treatment
1984 November A Murder Is Announced
April Here We Come Gathering
1983 November I Have Five Daughters
April And This Was Odd
1982 November Something To Hide
April The Happiest Days Of Your Life
1981 November I'll Get My Man
April The Chalk Garden
1980 November Book Of The Month
April Suddenly At Home
1979 November The Late Christopher Bean
April Suspect
1978 November Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
April They Came To A City - Aborted
1977 November Fools Rush In
April Bonaventure
1976 November Will Any Gentleman?
April Murder At The Vicarage
January Goodnight Mrs. Puffin (at the De La Warr Pavilion)
1975 November Goodnight Mrs. Puffin
April Mystery At Greenfingers
1974 November Blithe Spirit
April When We Are Married
1973 November Dear Octopus
May Search By Night
1972 November Waiting In The Wings
April The Happiest Days Of Your Life
1971 November Candied Peel
May Waters Of The Moon
1970 December Love Comes To Littleton
November Dangerous Corner
May Death & Brown Windsor
1969 November This Happy Breed
May The Feminine Touch
1968 November Fool's Paradise
April Two Faces Of Murder
1967 November A Letter From The General
March A Lady Mislaid
1966 April Quiet Weekend
1965 December Fish Out Of Water
April Ladies In Retirement
1964 November Breath Of Spring
April Roar Like A Dove
1963 November After My Fashion
April Silver Wedding
1962 November The Man In Dark Glasses
April The Hollow
1961 October I'll leave it to you
May Count Your Blessings
1960 November Reward In Heaven
April The Camel's Back
1959 November Fools Rush In
1958 November A Murder Has Been Arranged
1957 December Bonaventure
May The Two Miss Hemingways
1956 November From 5 To 5.30
The 1st Conversation From A Village Wooing
The Six Wives Of Calais
April Daughter Of My House
1955 November And It Was Odd
April Fresh Fields
1954 December I Made You Possible
Dark Brown
Mr. Sampson
April Fancy Free
The Recco
Things Are Seldom What They Seem
1953 December Half Holiday

House Full
In The Roar Of The Sea
plus "A Spot of Coronation Nonsense"

1952 November White Blackmail
Rose & Crown
Suppressed Desires
April The New Boarder
1951 Autumn

Wives And Mothers
The Laugh
Can The Leopard?

April On The End Of The Pier
A Villa For Sale
The House In Fern Road
A Sister To Assist 'er