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A society like the Fairlight Players can only remain vibrant and healthy by regularly attracting new members. If you have enjoyed one of our recent productions, or even if you have never seen one but have discovered us by other means, please consider joining our ranks. Whatever your skills or abilities, we can probably make use of them, and in return, we promise that you'll have a lot of fun.

Acting Members

As a society, we like to introduce plenty of variety into our programme, and this means that we need access to a sizeable pool of acting members, diverse in age, gender, acting ability, and just about everything else. If you would like to try treading the boards, perhaps for the first time, you'll find plenty of encouragement and support from people who epitomize the spirit of amateur dramatics in the true sense of the word ... in other words, we love doing what we do.

Behind the scenes

Every successful production depends on a whole army of volunteers. See the Behind the Scenes page for a glimpse of the many varied roles, which will almost certainly include one that's right up your street.


The unsung heroes, who make sure that bills are paid, procedures are followed, and that the organisation generally operates in a responsible manner. Without these people, the Fairlight Players would not have survived for over 60 years and, like any other part of the organisation, the committee benefits from the occasional change of faces. Committee members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, but an expression of interest will be welcomed at any time.


The role of Director is demanding, but can be hugely satisfying as you see your ideas come to life in three dimensions. If you have the drive and desire to take on this creative role, then click here to see how you might go about it.

Ordinary Membership

Not everybody has the time or the desire to take an active role in the society, but by becoming a Member, you will be indicating that you value the entertainment value offered by the Fairlight Players, and the contribution that thesociety makes to the local community. That support alone is a great encouragement to us, and in return, we will make sure that you are kept up to date with news of productions and other events that we hold trhoughout the year.

For more details about any of these opportunities, please Contact us at any time.