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Would you like to direct the Fairlight Players?

The role of director is crucial to the success of any show, and having somebody new in the "director's chair" (sorry, we don't actually have a special chair for the purpose) will invariably bring a new angle to the production. If the idea of directing a play at some future date appeals to you, we invite you to make your wishes known to the committee.

We normally aim to publish our programme at the time of our AGM in June for the year ahead, and the selection process starts in around January or February. However, we would welcome an indication of interest at any time. To indicate your interest, you should send a proposal to our secretary, Carol Ardley.

Your initial proposal should be no longer than a single side of A4, and should include the following information;

  • Your name and contact details
  • Details of your preferred play - title, author, genre, cast numbers and ages
  • A few thoughts on how the play will be staged, including set design (bearing in mind the limitations of the Fairlight stage), light and sound requirements, wardrobe etc., and the viability of casting from our existing acting membership
The Committee will purchase a reading copy of the play nominated, read it and discuss it. It may be prudent to suggest a second choice in case the Committee decide, for whatever reason, that your first choice is not suitable or possible with current resources.

It is not recommended that you plan to act in the play as well as directing. Those brand new to the job have traditionally had a more experienced member to act as a mentor, and may be asked to "cut their teeth" on either a murder mystery or a one-act entertainment.

Directing a play is a significant commitment, but can be hugely rewarding, and most have found that Fairlight is a great place to do it. We hope that you will give this opportunity some serious consideration.

Keith Pollard, Chairman