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Next Production

Somebody Else's Smile, was originally broadcast on the BBC in 1978, and we have been exceptionally fortunate to be given permission by the writer, Elizabeth Kay, to bring this wonderful script back to life. The plot revolves around the residents of a geriatric home, and the efforts of the staff to give a good impression to potential philanthropists whilst simultaneously attempting to rehearse the residents for an in-house production of "The Wizard of Oz." 

Somebody Else's Smile is now ready to listen to here. Meanwhile, a second play is in the course of production, and we hope to be able to bring this to you very shortly.

Sacred Heart, by Duncan Turner, is set in a Catholic boarding school for boys. Turmoil ensues when one student decides to turn his back on Catholicism, and instead follow the religion of the ancient Aztecs, convincing several of his classmates to do likewise. The staff are not convinced that the customs and rituals associated with this belief system are exactly in keeping with the ethos of the school.

Please note that these plays have been / are being recorded under strict social distancing rules that adhere faithfully to government restrictions as they apply from time to time.

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