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Carol Prior

Now resident "down under" in Oz, Carol remains an enthusiastic supporter of the Fairlight Players, where her stage presence is sadly missed, especially by those who remember her most recent exit in a backless nun's habit. I'm not promising that you'll find pictures in our extensive archive section, but the very possibility should act as a strong incentive (at least for the fellas) to take a good look.

Carol's poetic style is sometimes quite "Dahl-esque",  but can be quite deep and thoughtful. Though she is rarely able to attend our meetings these days, she continues to contribute by sending over the occasional poem to share with members.

Albert and the Shark
Albert Goes Down Under
An Outing with The Rellies
Blow Wind Blow
But Is There A Snake In The Grass?
Global Warming (The Weather Man's Lament)
Holidays - A History
Holiday Nostalgia
Mount Martha Beach
New Year's Eve, 2008
Picnic At The Lake
Rye Bay
Wild Rabbits
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