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Somebody Else's Smile

by Elizabeth Kay

Directed by Keith Miller

Due to restrictions imposed during the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, for the first time in our history, the Fairlight Players were unable to perform on stage during the year.
During this enforced rest period, however, the committee were determined to do something to keep our faithful members and supporteres entertained and engaged, and so set about recording some radio plays to be enjoyed at home while public gatherings remain severely restricted.

This first play was first broadcast on the BBC in 1978, featuring a cast which included the wonderful Patricia Hayes. The author, being known personally to one of our members, very kindly agreed to waive any royalties and allowed us to record and broadcast the play for the first time in many years.

The action takes place in what used to be known as a geriatric home. I suspect that such a description is now considered to be un-PC, but it probably describes the scene as well as any modern equivalent. From the fact that the cast is all-female, I suspect that this was a home specifically for ladies enjoying their "golden years."

Scene 1 - The canteen
Scene 2 - The therapy room
Scene 3 -
Outside in the garden
Scene 4 - The bathroom
Scene 5 - The kitchen
Scene 6 - The therapy room
Scene 7 - Outside again
Scene 8 - Therapy Room - Rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz
Scene 9 - The dormitory
Scene 10 - The day of the performance
Epilogue - Sometime later

Please click on the radio below to listen to the play.


 Somebody Else's Smile

Mary Bradley Kerry Gentleman
Sarah Jane Annie Edwards
Betty Clare Murray
Therapist Wendy Hatch
Nurse O'Hara and the First Lady Aisling Tigwell
June and the Second Lady Vicky Veness
Agatha, Daphne, Meg Lynne Smith
Penelope, Amy, Miss Stanley, Ann Charlotte Eastes
Pianist Keith Miller
Sound Effects Andrew Mier and Keith Miller
Editing Keith Miller