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Caramba's Revenge

A darkish comedy by William Norfolk

Directed by Aubrey Sinden



Doris Nicky Harris
Lottie Gill Jenks
Marge Clare Murray
Ronnie Charlotte Eastes
Augustus Grubb Greg Slaughter
Rose Esther de Vries
Grace Myfanwy Attree
The action takes place in the living room of a terraced house.


Doris, Lottie and Marge, three ladies of a "certain age"  have been sharing Violet's rented house, pooling their pension books and sharing chores. When Violet dies following a mugging, they omit to tell the authorities so that they might continue to draw her pension, a vital part of their common economy.

Life goes on: Marge begins another evening course, Doris shops - pocketing change for her secret tipples - and Lottie the writer pushes taste to the limit with her hard boiled heroine, Vanda Lane. However, Violet's granddaughter Ronnie, arrives from Australia in search of her relative. When she guesses the story she joins the commune hoping to improve their standard of living by bumping off the other old ladies for their pension books. Fending off the suspicious Inspector Grubb, she almost succeeds in attracting shoplifter Rose to the co-operative. But Rose is more than a match for the others, and Lottie's crime novel, which has mirrored the events of the play throughout its macabre process, is completed by Rose in quite a different manner than Lottie had intended...