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Dead Ringer

by Charles Ross

Directed by Keith Pollard



Randolph Bolton (Prime Minister) Len MacKenzie
Frances Cowdray (Leader Of The House) Charlotte Eastes
Dick Marr (Home Secretary) Keith Miller
Nigel Haywood (Private Secretary to the PM) Tom Miller
Ray Turnbull (Foreign Secretary) Steve Hill
Gerry Jackson (Jobbing actor) Len MacKenzie
Eva Bolton (Randolph's wife) Carol Ardley
Colonel Hardacre (Head of Security at No. 10) Roland Garrad
The action takes place in the private study of the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street. It is a few years ago.


The plot of "Dead Ringer" revolves around the sudden death of the Prime Minister just a day or so before a crucial election. Fearful that, without their beloved leader, the electorate will desert them, Frances and Dick conspire to replace the PM with a "ringer", a jobbing actor who bears a remarkable resemblance to the recently deceased Randolph Bolton. Can they get away with it, and was Randolph's death a simple heart attack, as it first appeared?

Although laced with humour throughout, this play is, at its heart, a Murder Mystery, and one which keeps the audience guessing right up to the moment of the explosive denouement.