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And This Was Odd

A Comedy by Kenneth Horne

Produced by Percy Hodgson

Morton Keith Thompson
Nurse Karen Lewis
Julia Kemp Joan French
Jane Simmons Jenny Hatfield
Frank Kemp Bert Moore
Margot Kemp Belinda Creed
Sam Potts Cliff Mewett
Mrs. Simmons Hilda Moore
Lady Wilson Val Sims
The entire action of the play takes place at Frank's house in the country on Christmas night, and over the following few days.

First performed by the Players way back in 1955 under the title "And It Was Odd" (see notes on earlier production for an explanation of the change of name), anybody wishing to see this for a second time would have to pay about five times as much for the privilege ... "80p - that's 16 bob in old money!". And I bet one or two of the original cast would have been in the audience to see what the young whipper-snappers could do with it.

We originally thought that we had no pictures of this production, but logic suggests that the pictures now reproduced here, which come from our unlabelled "mystery" collection, fit the bill. The best clue is the presence of Christmas decorations, which matches the scene as described in the script. The number of characters also appears to be a good match, and I hope that somebody reading this will be able to identify a number of the cast in order to confirm my hypothesis. I purposely didn't say "confirm or deny" because, if the pictures are not of this production, then I am totally stumped.

Two cast members (Keith Thompson and Belinda Creed) make their respective debuts this time, and John Charrot is mentioned for his first time in the programme helping out with stage management.


Note - since writing these notes, this play has delighted Fairlight audiences for a third time (the first play ever to enjoy such a privilege) having been resurrected as our Autumn 2012 production.